Brush holder with 8 Paradise Brushes

Mehron’s 8-Piece Paradise Makeup AQ Brush Set and Brush Holder is a must-have for any makeup enthusiast or pro artist. This set includes 8 synthetic Paradise brushes designed to perfectly complement Mehron’s Paradise Makeup AQ. The range of brush sizes and shapes including large body, flat, precision, and round brushes - ensure that you have the right tool for any face or body paint.

Each set includes the Pro Brush Holder and the Paradise brushes: 810 - Super Fine Point, 818 - Petal Tip, 812 - 1/8 Flat Versatile, 816 - Wide Chisel, 814 - Medium Round, 830 - Body Chisel, 840 - Prisma Small, 841 - Prisma Medium.

The Pro Brush Holder (height 22 cm; diameter 7 cm) is designed to keep your brushes organized and easily accessible while protecting them from damage and germs. The brush holder top also doubles as a cup for water! Simply fill one side with water, one side with your brushes, and dip while using your body paints. Available with or without brushes.

How to use

Flip the top of the Brush Holder upside down and fill it with water. Dip brushes into the water to activate your Paradise Makeup AQ and to rinse them. When finished painting, we recommend cleaning brushes with Mehron Brush Cleaner and waiting for the brushes to dry before closing the container.

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